Friday, September 30, 2011

Project Checklist

Over the course of the last few weeks, we've posted graphs of how much progress we've made on key parts of the installation of the temporary bridge at Pea Island. But, as you know, there's more to getting NC 12 open to traffic than just completing the bridge. And much of what's left to do depends very much on the weather cooperating. We're still estimating that the road could be fully reopened sometime in early October.

Here's our main punch list:  

 Pea Island Bridge
  • Place concrete for 4 footings; 
  • Install a backwall to accommodate the transition between road and bridge on the south end of the bridge; 
  • Assemble approximately 151 feet of bridge truss and launch the bridge truss to the south end;
  • Remove the temporary roller bearings and lower bridge onto permanent bearings; 
  • Put grout/cement in 86 anchor bolts for the permanent bearings; 
  • Adjust bridge truss for a smooth ride onto and off the bridge; Install 12 devices, which are 900 pounds each, to prevent uplift of the bridge in a storm event; 
  • Bolt together and install 610 steel deck panels to the truss floor beams to create the riding surface; Complete backfilling the retaining walls at the ends of the bridge; 
  • Grade and pave the roadway approaches to the bridge. 
  • Install guardrail to the approaches and both sides of the bridge;
  • and Pave 2-3 inches of asphalt on the deck panels. 

Roadway at the Pea Island Bridge and Rodanthe
  • Continue fine grading to shape the road bed for asphalt paving; 
  • Pave approximately 9,000 tons of asphalt;
  • Install approximately 82 sand bags at the south end of the s-curves; 
  • Reshape the dune were sand bags were installed; 
  • Reconstruct the shoulder and reshape the dunes; 
  • and Install permanent traffic control devices, reflectors and place pavement markings.


  1. I am very impressed with your hard work on highway 12. Very glad you keep the public informed so well with twitter, blog, and website. Can't wait for the highway 12 to be reopened.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement and support! We will all be glad when it's reopened!