Monday, October 3, 2011

More Milestones!

Over the weekend, crews checked off several key components of the temporary bridge installation over the breach on Pea Island, as you can see from the graphs at right.

There's still a considerable amount to go, however.  On the bridge, crews still need to install the bearing supports, lower and anchor the bridge in place, and install deck panels.

As we have been saying, completion of the bridge does not mean N.C. 12 can be reopened.  Paving must be completed around the bridge and the work on the portions of the highway near Rodanthe also must be finished. When that's completed, then N.C. 12 can be opened to traffic.  Unfortunately, the work that must be done now would be the most effected by bad weather of everything we've done so far.  So that's why we just can't name a specific date as to when the highway will be reopened.  Katia, and a Nor'easter have brought a significant amount of rain to the site, and extra crews were called in to keep things on track. Best we can say at this point is still early-mid October.

Folks have been asking us about Oct. 6 - that refers to Dare County's re-entry plan for Waves, Rodanthe and Salvo - NOT the reopening of N.C.12.  Here's the county's release on re-entry to those areas of Hatteras Island.


  1. What changed over the weekend?

    Friday, it was still "could be early October, depending on weather" as it has been all along, and today it is suddenly "could be early to mid October, depending on weather". The weather has been good for the last several days!

  2. Katia and the recent Nor'easter did bring rain and thunderstorms forcing the addition of extra crews as a result. As you can see by our photos, they are working as fast as they safely can, even at night. This is a unique and complex project and we are going to get it right, and do it safely.

  3. Thanks for the response and for all the status updates.

    I absolutely agree -- the project needs to be done right and safely. I appreciate that everyone is working very hard and doing their best, knowing how important this project is for so many people.

    My only question was what caused the projected completion time to change over this past weekend. It has consistently been "could be early October, depending on weather" for the last few weeks right up through last Friday. Yesterday was the first mention of "mid October", but no explanation for the change.

    If I lose my money and family vacation in Waves starting the 15th, so be it. Others have suffered far greater losses from this catastrophe.

  4. We made the decision because everyone's definition of "early" is different and we knew would be likely not be opening the highway in the first week of October - Oct. 1-8.