Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today's Update

Here's what's happened today:

At the Rodanthe breach area, crews continued shaping the sand embankments at the S-curves to the correct elevation for the roadway. Sandbag installation was completed at the south end of the Pea Island breech on the ocean and sound side. Crews continued the fine grading of the road bed in preparation of asphalt paving later this week and has begun asphalt base for the northbound lane south of the s-curves. Yesterday, 24 truckloads, totaling 560 tons of asphalt, were delivered to the project.

At the temporary bridge location on Pea Island, crews drove the last 4 piles at bent 1. Bents are substructures supporting each end of the bridge span. The concrete for the footings at bent 2 was placed through a 5” diameter pipeline mounted on the bridge truss across the breech. A concrete pump truck was connected to the 375 foot pipeline.  An additional 77 feet of the bridge truss was assembled. 

Where are we with the major components of the bridge:


Concrete Footings

Sheet Pilings

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