Friday, September 23, 2011

Ferry Reservation Help

As you can imagine, the NCDOT Ferry Division is overwhelmed with visitors wanting to make, change or cancel reservations to Ocracoke, as well as Avon, Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras Village through Ocracoke. We want to share some important information that will help make this process easier for everyone. First, if you're trying to make a ferry reservation online and the words "invalid date" appear, that means that particular run is sold out. No more space is available. Customers are encouraged to try other dates or times for travel. Second, if you need to change or cancel a reservation, please do not email that information to the Ferry Division. Due to the high volume of calls staff is receiving at this time, they are unable to check and response to emails on a regular basis. Instead, customers are urged to call the following numbers for assistance: * Main call center at 1-800-293-2779; * Cedar Island Operations at (252) 225-7411 or (252) 225-3141; and * Ocracoke at (252) 928-5311. These three sites can make changes to reservations. Ferry schedule information is available by calling 800-293-3779 (BY-FERRY) and pressing 1, or via Twitter at

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