Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bridge Building 101: Bents

A "bent" doesn't sound like something that's really a good thing to have when building a bridge, does it? And yet, we have several "bents" as part of the installation of the temporary bridge across the Pea Island breach.

Bents are substructures supporting each end of the bridge span. according to our colleagues at the Ohio DOT, a bent is a rigid frame commonly made of reinforced concrete or steel that supports a vertical load and is placed transerse to the length of a structure. Bents are commonly used to support beams and girders. An end bent is the supporting frame forming part of an abutment.

How did those structures get that name? According to cursory research, the term dates back to the 1800's. One engineer on speculates as to the origin of the term but it's hard to find a definitive answer!

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