Monday, September 19, 2011

N.C. 12 RECOVERY PROJECT UPDATE FOR SEPT. 19 - Nor'easters are no fun

Nor’easter causes work stoppages; Launch area coming together

At the Rodanthe breach area, the weather caused problems for crews attempting to place sand bags due to rough ocean waves and high seas throughout the weekend. Sand hauling had to be suspended due to limited places to stockpile the sand until the weather subsided.

Over the weekend, at the temporary bridge location on Pea Island, crews began and completed assembly of the launch nose of the temporary bridge. This area will be used to assemble pieces of the bridge and then push it across the breach. At bent 3 and 4, which are substructures supporting each end of the bridge span, footings were framed and cross beam supports were put into place for pile driving. On Saturday afternoon, work was suspended due to high winds and rain. The wind ranged from 30 to 40 miles per hour and was too dangerous to use the cranes to pour concrete or pick up pilings. Crews returned to work Sunday and were able to begin assembly of trusses and floor beams. In addition, the launch rollers were placed on the temporary supports of the launch pad.

Still looking for an early October reopening, depending on how the weather does between now and then.

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