Thursday, November 29, 2012

UPDATE: 4WD Access Opened Ahead of Schedule!

Our crew completed the maintenance work on the four-wheel drive access detour two hours ahead of schedule and it is now open to traffic!

Big, big kudos to the folks out there who worked hard to shore  up the access detour!

NOTE: The weight restrictions on the 4WD access that were initiated Tuesday ARE still in place.


  1. Can you please a little crush&run or dirty mix what ever you call it down.. to make access alittle better?? would like to get out for 3 Doctors appointments without getting stuck.. I have 4 wheel but it looked really deep on Tuesday when I walked up there...a little packing down wouldn't hurt ..Thankyou Pat Avon

  2. We understand your situation, Patricia. Our engineers say that the culvert installation and the sand bagging is the alternative for now, to shore up the access area and protect it from overwash. Rocks,etc. might not stay in place given that the area is basically sand.

  3. Why hasn't gravel been put down? It has been 5 weeks! Not everyone has 4X4, not having safe access to a hospital is horrible. We told you this was going to happen, why does ncdot wait and react instead of doing something that would prevent these disasters? Please tell me why?

  4. We just posted a new blog update that addresses these questions. Check it out at: