Monday, November 26, 2012

Now that it's calmed down a bit...

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the wind, tide and overall weather situation calmed down some and if you're a regular follower of our Facebook page or Twitter account, you know the four-wheel drive access has not been closed quite as frequently.

Four-wheel drive access on Friday, Nov
While surf conditions have calmed considerably,  normal tides are still at the edge of the old road. Traffic through the holiday weekend was very heavy over the four-wheel drive access, which was able to remain open through high tide on Saturday and Sunday.  Today at Rodanthe sandbag installation began at the south end. 
So, with the improving weather, what's next?  
Our engineers are out looking at the trouble spots today and tomorrow, and are evaluating options.  As soon as details are available we will let you know. 

We've also had some questions regarding other issues related to NC 12, beyond the S-curves/Rodanthe trouble spot:
Bonner Bridge: Paving is expected to take approximately one day.  Once that's finished, the crews will then move down to the temporary bridge to begin work.

Signal timing @ temporary bridge: The timing of this signal will not be changed. There was more traffic over the holiday.  Things should be back to a more ‘normal’ rate this week. Also, paving will begin at this site tomorrow and the temporary signal might be replaced with flaggers during paving hours. 
Four-wheel Drive Access times: Dare County Sheriff’s Department is escorting vehicles until 10 p.m. Safety and traffic volume are the main reasons for the 10:00 p.m. closure time.

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