Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We understand that ocean overwash along N.C. 12 in the Outer Banks often makes it difficult for residents, visitors and businesses to get where they need to go efficiently. The state of emergency declared by Gov. McCrory helps us move forward with a short-term solution to protect this critical coastal highway at its most vulnerable location – the S-Curves.

Overwash at the S-Curves in March 2013
Currently, when overwash occurs at the S-Curves, it often forces N.C. 12 to close, making it challenging for people to get to jobs, education or medical appointments. A series of storms, including hurricanes Irene and Sandy, severely eroded the beach just north of Rodanthe.  Without the beach to act as a buffer, the strong surf threatens to undermine the structure and safety of the road.

That is why we have acquired $20.8 million in Hurricane Sandy emergency repair funds from the Federal Highway Administration to rebuild the beach at the S-Curves. Nourishment will provide much-needed protection to N.C. 12 until we can put a long-term solution in place in the coming years.

Although Buxton also experiences overwash, it was not included in the emergency declaration for several reasons. When overwash occurs, it washes water and sand onto N.C. 12, but it does not currently threaten the road’s integrity. Following recent storms, our crews have cleared the overwash off the road quickly without requiring repairs. In addition, N.C. 12 at Buxton does not qualify for federal emergency repair funds, and is not a candidate for state transportation funding for repair and protection at this time.

We have identified the section of N.C. 12 in Buxton as a “hot spot” that may see increased erosion in the future. We are studying this location to determine feasible long-term options for maintaining transportation along N.C. 12 if future conditions threaten the long-term viability of the existing roadway.


  1. Oh sure... Wait until it breaks to fix it, rather than fixing it now before it gets worse.

  2. I think they should pull the sand out from 50 miles inland and take in over load by load for millions upon millions of taxpayers dollars that don't get anything back in return. All just to fix it for 5 to 45 days give or take. Oh wait that's what they have been doing for years. Also to get the sand out they pump clean fresh water out of the ground and send it into the sound. That way by keeping the water table low so they can dig it down 90 feet. It's great for the farmers as well - They love it when the water table drops 35 to 45 below normal. We all know how good crops grow with no water.

  3. Jmack, do you have ANY idea what you are talking about? First of all, they NEVER take sand from 50 miles inland and put it on the OBX. I'm not sure if you've been reading the smut from the SELC or the other tree-hugger crap out there, but this is not happening. The only sand they have taken is from either the ocean or sound. Engage your brain, read REAL journalism, and get a clue before opening your mouth.

  4. NCDOT spends more money repairing rt 12 than trying to prevent disasters. The island has been through enough. The business community here will not survive another closure. Waiting until after a disaster happens and then reacting to it, is simply dumb! The Buxton area has been "studied" for over 25 years. Last weekend Northeast wind, Buxton had ocean tide on the highway all weekend, mirlo beach, not one drop! Nothing has been done in Buxton. Preventing an inlet or major breach is the right thing to do. Every other state nourishes their beaches, understands the importance of their coastlines. Why NC? There is zero beach in Buxton, it was an inlet in 1560 and 1642, after Dennis in 1999 a major breach, it is trying to become an inlet again. It would cut off our water and electric supply! Reacting , retreating, repairing that is the only thing you know how to do! Insanity!

  5. Do you happen to have any information about st. paul mn roadway repair? I have been trying to learn a little more about that... I live right around there!