Thursday, December 6, 2012

Drips and drabs, odds and ends

A few things to note from today...

4WD Access Route Work Completed

Damaged pavement removed from an area near the S-Curves on NC 12
About an hour or so ahead of schedule, the four-wheel drive access route re-opened in the 3:00 o'clock hour after being closed earlier this morning for maintenance, including work to
level the sand in the areas where tires created deep ruts.  Today's work will result in a safer, more stable ride.

Installation of the culverts on Nov. 29
Crews also removed damaged pavement and graded the road where the four-wheel drive route connects to N.C. 12 -  Mirlo Beach and about 0.4 miles north of the S-Curves. This is part of the work necessary to rebuild and reopen N.C. 12 to all traffic on or by Dec. 25, weather permitting.


Members of the sandbag crew at work
It was a blustery day out on NC 12 and the wind kicked up from the Northeast.  We're keeping tabs on what the conditions may do in the next 24-48 hours or so.  This nifty interactive map from the folks at the National Weather Service office in Newport/Morehead City shows you the conditions - including wind speeds and gusts and wave height.  Our crews have been installing 15-foot-long sandbags along a 0.4-mile section of N.C. 12 at the S-Curves just north of Rodanthe on Pea Island. This in order to protect the road from ocean overwash.  Drainage culverts have also been installed to help lessen the damage caused by conditions that generate overwash.

The sandbag work was done under the watchful eyes of our very special "offshore inspectors"

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