Monday, December 10, 2012

By the Numbers: Progress!

Over the weekend, N.C. Department of Transportation crews continued working on the temporary solution to reconnect all traffic on Hatteras Island to points north of Mirlo Beach.

Between Friday, Dec. 7 and Sunday Dec. 9, crews filled and placed approximately 160 sandbags along a 0.4-mile section of N.C. 12 at the S-Curves just north of Rodanthe on Pea Island. As of Sunday evening, crews have placed 456 of the 1,800 sandbags needed to create a protective barrier between the ocean and the road. Once all of the sandbags are in place, crews will rebuild the dunes on top of the sandbags.

Crews brought in 495 truckloads of sand from the sand pit in Avon to fill sandbags, build up the dunes and assist with rebuilding the roadway.

In addition, crews installed survey stakes in the road bed in preparation for grading, prior to repaving. All sections of damaged pavement were removed over the weekend. After sandbags are installed at the most heavily damaged parts of the highway, crews will begin rebuilding the road where it was located before the series of storms hit. All work is heavily dependent on the weather and tidal conditions.

Crews hope to open the newly paved lanes of N.C. 12 to all traffic on or by Dec. 25. Until then, four-wheel drive vehicles must continue to pass through checkpoints at the temporary bridge on Pea Island and at Mirlo Beach to travel between Hatteras Island and the mainland. 


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